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Allan S. Szeto, D.M.D. Cosmetic & General Dentistry


We provide family and cosmetic dentistry, including the following services:

  • Root Canals
    Removal of dying or infected nerve tissue when tooth is painful or infected.
  • Periodontal (i.e. Gum Treatment)
    Deep cleanings and treatment of bone loss or gum infection.
  • Oral Surgery
    Including but not limited to teeth extractions and bone remodeling.
  • Cleanings
    Oral maintenance through removal of tartar and plaque.
  • Implants
    Root replacement prosthesis to restore a tooth or denture anchorage.
  • Crowns
    “Caps” used to restore or protect a broken tooth.
  • Bridges
    Permenant prosthesis to replace a missing tooth.
  • Removal Prosthesis (i.e. Full Dentures and Partial Dentures)
    Including but not limited dentures or plates to replace missing teeth.
  • Veneers
    Cosmetic restoration to repair or correct the surface of a tooth.
  • Inlays and Onlays
    Permenant restoration to repair a decayed tooth.
  • Gold Restorations
    Permenant restorations through an old technique involving the use of gold. Gold is malleable, ductile and extremely durable. It can be devised to have the same wear resistance as natural tooth, making it more suitable and more ideal substance than any other material.
  • Checkups
    Maintenance and examination of the teeth as well as surrounding hard and soft tissue.
  • Oral Cancer Screening
    Regular examination for tumors and lesions of the oral vicinity.
  • Oral Appliances
    Including but not limited to sleep appliances, athletic mouth guards, occlusal guards to protect your teeth from grinding, orthodontic retainers, and TMJ appliances.