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Allan S. Szeto, D.M.D. Cosmetic & General Dentistry


Dear Patients,

There are many great dentists in this world, so why choose me? Allowing a stranger to work inside your mouth can be quite scary, let alone a person wearing a white coat and holding sharp instruments. Do you know this doctor's intention, is he skilled, is he honest, is he looking out for your best interest? Choosing a dentist is a very difficult task. For this reason alone, it is very common for patients to be unsure when it comes to receiving dental treatment.

My philosophy in treating patients is to treat each patient as one would treat his own family. I live by the motto, “don’t fix what isn't broken” and “do it right the first time”. When you come to see me, do not expect the office to push unnecessary work or treatment beyond what you are needing. However, expect honesty and treatment that is above and beyond all others. I value the time I spend with my patients and I always listen to what the patient is conveying, transforming those desires into tangible work in the mouth. In dentistry there must be an accord between what the patient wants and what the patient needs. I have the honor of serving the patients in a manner that is truly unique, as a health care provider who is seeking the best interest of the patient; all while the patient is not wanting to be there. What do I mean by this? It is no secret that patients do not want to be in a dental chair, but it is no less important than an oil change for your car. It is not easy to be a dentist who takes his time and does what he must. However, when you come to see me that is exactly what you will receive, work that is a combination of artistry and engineering, along with patient care in its deepest sense; care that one would receive as if they were family.

Dr. Allan S. Szeto